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Hi, I’m Dan!  It’s nice to meet you.

This is Piper.  She’s hyper.  


My Story

Who can guess where life will take you, what cards you’ll be dealt along the way.  What seems random and challenging might hold the key to the future you’re yet to unlock.

As a husband for 30 years, father of 2 grown children with an entrepreneur heart, I’m an inventive, self-starter.  I love learning, creating, dreaming and organizing but more than that I love supporting people. 

After 3 1/2 years as a licensed Financial Advisor, 8 years working for Federal Express and more than 20 years as a pastor – I’ve spent time with all kinds of people.   What I’ve observed it this:  They are all trying to figure out how to make life work better, how to keep their families strong, and how find a little more happiness along the way. 

The benefits I offer will bless your family, grow your career, and increase your happiness.  Our confidential conversations will help you see more success and feel more productive – without sacrificing family or faith.

Let’s find a time to connect so you can see for yourself if I can help you grow the connections – and the success – you desire. 

I’ve been blessed.  Now, I’m paying it forward.  Investing in leaders, families and organizations through coaching, training, and encouragement.  



My Values & Beliefs

Family Stability is Critical for Long-term Success

The foundation of family, when it works well, creates a nearly unlimited reservoir of support and encouragement to break through every barrier and overcome almost every obstacle.

Strong Connections Protect our Most Valued Assets

Our families and friends are our most valuable asset.  Strong ties to these important people can protect us from illness, divorce, debt, addictions, etc.  The farther we drift from our values/core beliefs/key priorities the more likely we’ll get into trouble.   

Faith Keeps us Going in Hard Times

Crisis can threaten our sense of well-being;; a strong faith can produce hope that makes the journey easier.   Connection to one’s faith brings a valuable perspective as we continue to engage the people we love and the job we need.  I believe God is with us and wants good for each of us.  Endurance, persistence, and faith all seem to grow in adversity.  

My Approach

Know where you want to go.

Figure out why this is important to you.

Identify what’s holding you back.

Lean forward until you see the good you want. 


Life is like a garden.  Plant what you want to harvest.  The weeding and watering take the most work but make the greatest impact in the harvest.  

Give people tools so they can grow their own success!


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