Better Connections

Enhance your Impact - Home, Work and Future

How are your connections these days?

It takes work to juggle all the pieces of life

Leaders and parents can get side tracked by the day to day minutia of living life, building a career and growing relationships.  You want to build a flourishing career without sacrificing the people you love.  It’s all about connections.    

Connecting with your best life, your lost dreams and your long-range goals will focus your energy toward a brighter future. 

I’d love to invest in you.  To support your business and family pursuits.  I know the pressures of balancing to pieces and can help you find the time to work on key activities that will reward your effort.   

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Coaching Leaders & Building Teams

Leadership Success

Results, Confidence & Focus

Connect with yourself and the impact you expect.  Reach forward, clarify your goals and feel more productive.  Confidential & conversational; grow your influence, your case load and your income.

Team Transformation

Collaboration, Awareness & Productivity

Connect with your people; grow trust and see your team flourish together.  Minimize your conflict costs and make the most of your team’s energy.

Legacy Pursuits

Design, Share & Remember

Connect with the story you want others to remember; build experiences that create memories; make the most of your life by investing in your family as intentionally as your business.

My Approach To Coaching

My clients’ have unique desires. I focus on what you want to see growing in your business, life and family.  Growth leads to fresh ways of looking at your dreams instead of your daily routines.   Every client offers their own unique gifts to their sphere of influence.  Every conversation builds momentum toward the future.

It’s a focused, team-work approach.  We work together to cut through the fog to discover that bright, sunny place where what you want comes into clear focus.   

Your needs are unique; every conversation leads you to focus on the daily focus required to reach your future dreams.  Your goals set our agenda; your dreams define our perimeter. 

It’s all about you.  Your team, your expectations and your results.  You’re crafting your legacy one project, one team meeting, and one family vacation at a time.  

Get the support you need to achieve the results you expect.  Coaching works. 


Coaching is about relationship. It’s confidential and forward leaning; the right mix of challenge and encouragement around a client’s goals.  I can accelerate your success and achieve more of the results you expect so you have the focus to write a better legacy for your team and your family.

Daniel Rothra

Coach, Coaching Connectivity

“If you’re going to create breakthrough and reach your next level, you will need to move though the fear, uncertainty, and discomfort of the valley of despair. It is your personal vision that keeps you in the game when things become difficult.”

Brian P. Moran

Author, The 12 Week Year

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a forward moving, client centered conversation focusing on results. It is a relationship controlled by the client who leverages their personal power and all the resources within reach to form and take step toward the life they want. 

How Do I Know if Coaching Is Right for Me?

Are you looking for a clarity and challenge?  Do you feel like you have capacity that you want to leverage for the good of your career, team and family?  Could you benefit from a clearer focus, better directed energy or additional reflection? 

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

I work with individuals and teams and have room to take on new clients and organizations.  Let’s talk about what you need. 

How is Consulting and coaching different?

A consultant offer their professional perspective on how you can become more effective, what will lead you to you the success you want.  A coach fuels implementation, creating clarity and focus around what you want to see in your business life.  Coaching support can help you reach that higher plane of success the consultant describes.    



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