Will it EVER be today?

Tomorrows NEVER change today.   I’ll do that tomorrow.  We can work on that tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll make those calls tomorrow.  

 Oh it’s fun to dream about tomorrow; to imagine a world where things are more together, people are working better together and, of course, I’m making tons of money.  Legacy stories grow into tomorrow but begin today.

For most, reality of the daily grind creates obstacles that influence today and today’s challenges will always undermines tomorrow’s success.

If I were to sort today’s “challenges” into piles, they would fall into several categories…   

  • The “how I feel” challenge can be huge.  Our emotions play a huge role in moving us forward.  When we feel good; are affirmed; are encouraged and see possibilities we can move forward more easily and overcome boulders and roadblocks.  But conversely, if we’re feeling down, even the smallest rocks can cause life to feel like we’re caught in an avalanche.   Solution:  Recognize how you feel and move forward based on what you know to be true.  You know some of your strengths, use those.  You know once you start making calls, you feel more hopeful.  You know that planning tomorrow’s meeting will make you feel more prepared.   How you feel can slow you down but it doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward.
  • The ‘there’s too much to do” challenge can be overwhelming.  The lists with the sublists look like an incoming tsunami that is sure to paralyze your forward momentum.  The list becomes a rope that wraps around your feet like my dog’s long leash.  When you’re wrapped up there’s no place to go but down.  Solution:  Return to your life calling.  Review your purpose and values and select activities that will move you toward your “ideal life”.   Sift essentials from interesting and move toward those items that offer value that will ripple into tomorrow.  Focus. Focus. Focus on what what’s vital.  
  • The “I don’t like things at my work” challenge can feel hopeless.  It’s fair to say everyone has something or someone they don’t like at work and our focus can be on what’s broken or on what’s being built.  Focusing on what’s broken will ultimately break you.  Focusing on what’s being built IN YOU will ultimately prepare you for the future you dream of attaining.  Leverage your trials and struggles to build the character to move on.  Discern what motivates you and why your current situation is such a burden to you.  Reflect on how God has provided some good parts along with the bad parts… perhaps to offset the pain and encourage your growth.  I find hope remembering that God loves me and this challenge isn’t meant to ruin me but develop me in some way.  Solution:  Change your attitude by refocusing on what goods you have and what good will come your way because you’re doing what you can today!
  • The “I don’t have enough…” challenge can make us feel helpless.  This is perhaps the biggest problem we wrestle with each day.  It suggests we’re limited, bound by others, by our circumstances and by our mindsets.  We can’t see changes today that will impact tomorrow.  We’re stuck.  We’re trapped.   The truth is that we’re deceived.  The truth is that you have what you need to change today and impact tomorrow.  You have enough experience to know what you ought to do, what you ought to get don and how to get out of that ‘funk’ you find yourself in from day to day.   Solution:  Grab what you have and bust a move with that…   They say, when life gives you lemons… make a lemon meringue pie!!  You have you.  You have friends.  You have the support of your community.  You have wisdom and have overcome obstacles before.  You’re resourceful and powerful and gifted… You may not have all you want but you darn well have enough to make an impact.  

Take charge of today and watch tomorrow explode with impact.  Get more clients tomorrow by focusing life today.  Make more money tomorrow by controlling what you can today.  

Every legacy story gets written with today’s ink.  Don’t wait until “SOMEDAY”.  It might not every arrive.