Every church does something unique and powerful.  For some it’s their sense of community and for others it’s their engagement in their community.  Every fellowship, regardless of the size of the congregation, has something terrific that they do that should be applauded.  Tell the story and tell it often.  Make much of the good work that you’re doing with your neighbors.  Celebrate the money you’re sending to support missionaries and their heroic efforts overseas.   Raise the banner and rejoice that God is using you to make an impact on the world.

That same world needs valiant church leaders who will look beyond and expand their view, their unique mission and their focus to address blindspots.  Yes, we all have them.Button with the word risk pointing between medium and high level 3D render suitable for risk management or decision-making process situation. Depth of field.

Every business, organization, non-profit, family, couple skips over some important things because they’re hard, expensive, risky, or boring.  This doesn’t mean you’re bad or careless.  It’s the way of the world.  We all drift toward activities that we enjoy more than others.  The more we focus on what we enjoy the more we see feel rewarded for making that investment.  The more we invest, the more our mission seems to align with the areas where we’ve invested time and energy.

It’s critical that we become more aware of important areas of life that can make us lopsided.  Over time, too much ice cream with too little exercise impacts how our bodies work.  Over time, too much work with too little family impacts how our relationships fit at home.  Too many church friends with too few not-church friends impacts our witness as the body of Christ.

Healthy people find ways of balancing the important tasks in their spheres.  Healthy businesses sell, sell, sell but back it up with outstanding customer service and a supply line that delivers.  Healthy non-profits retain a clear focus on who they serve and why they’re doing that and not something else.  Healthy couples go to work but make time for each other.

Becoming a healthier church requires a little tact and intention.  Find your blind spots and ask the Lord what he would like you to do in just one of those areas.  Don’t try to use a sledge hammer when a little sand paper would get the job done.  Leadership isn’t an office; use your influence to kindly bring attention to areas that are important to the mission God’s given to your fellowship and see what God might do through you.

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Blessings as you journey,

Coach Dan