Everyone needs to make “THE Call!”   For 251 days I delayed making “THE Call.”  I knew I needed to; I wanted to and even believed it would help me escape some of my frustrating routines and become more productive.

But I didn’t want to. In fact, I put off making “THE Call” for 251 days.   It wasn’t a scary, dangerous call to someone who I didn’t like.  I really liked the person I needed to call.  He’s one of my favorite people in the whole world.  In fact, I had talked to him many times over the 251 days but “Accountability” didn’t come up once.  I was captive to my fears; knowing I needed more support but afraid to ask for it. Fear can paralyze even the best and brightest from making “THE Call.”

When I got to 2016 my desire to live more a more connected life demanded that I make that Accountable Connection.   I always had tasks that need to be done but I’ve been more of a “Need to feel like it” guy and I wanted to cultivate more of a “Do it because it’s important” set of habits.  It was about using my time and energy more efficiently and achieving a few successes in areas of priority.  I wanted to break out of my “old life” and start the new year with a new focus.  Focus is one of the most powerful elements of the universe known to man.

I dialed the phone.  It rang 3 times and my father-in-law picked up.  We talked about some small talk just to catch up and then I shifted to the reason for my call.  “Remember back about 7 months ago I talked with you about helping me focus on my goals everyday?”  He kindly said he remembered.  “Well, I’m ready to get your help.  Are you still open to my 7am call and my 9pm check-up?”  With some excitement he said sure and that he’d love to do it.

So, each day I make a 5 minute check in call where I give my partner a quick list of what I plan to focus on for that one day.  It’s a quick call with little chitchat.  It’s about focus and alignment of my time and efforts toward my career, family and self. Focus frees me to enjoy my day knowing when I get to the end, I WILL have gotten some very important things done.

Today I outlined items for a book I’ve wanted to write about helping organizations transition; work on a presentation for this weekend and a calendar review for the next 6 months.  There were a few other items as well such as writing several targeted emails and ignoring Facebook for the day.

Tonight at 9pm I’ll make my ‘end of day’ call where I report on my progress and focus.  Some areas saw more success and some didn’t get any attention at all.  It’s ok though.  My goal is not organizational perfection.  It’s more about harnessing my life energy and aligning my activities with my purpose and calling.  Today was more focused than other days.

Powerfully focusing on your most important tasks will create a chain of successes that will transform the rest of your life.  Success in one area can actually keep you from seeing success in other areas.  That’s what makes THE call so critical.  Connect with someone who deeply cares about your family and career.  Use their support to create the focus you need to break old habits that hold you back and enjoy the life you deserve.

I’m paying it forward.  Everyone needs to “Make THE Call” sometime.  Perhaps you’re there now; don’t wait as long as I did.