Make time for “Rest and Reflection”

Close-up of hands holding coffee cups in front of lit fireplace

Fuel Creativity and Protect Your Sanity

The pace of the world today would suggest that if you’re not busy, you’re just not being productive.  But has all that busy really offered you a life of contentment and meaning?  It offers the thrill of new cars, bigger houses and a better wardrobe.  Those things are certainly nice but a steady diet of materialistic living leads to a life of frustration and disappointment.  Remember, everything falls apart eventually.

It’s popular to draft some resolutions for the new year.  In asking some friends about their resolutions I heard regular things like “I’d like to lose a few pounds.” or “I want to exercise more.”  A few were a little more unusual, like “I’d like to get rid of terrorists.” and “I’d like to sort out what I believe.”  Some folks were a bit more fatalistic, “I’m not doing that… why set myself up to fail?”  I feel like that.

May I suggest a simple, less cluttered approach to the new year?  Let’s make “Rest-o-lutions”.    Yes.  Let’s commit to taking time from the busy to rest.   Some call it a “Sabbath” some a “Day Off” for some it’s “Business Planning” or “Down Time”.  There is immense value in pausing to reflect on your values and priorities.  These are the seed beds from which our future will grow.

  1. Reflecting enables better decision making.  Frantic people make frustrating decisions.  When the pressure’s on, it’s almost impossible to see the present clearly – there’s too much stress!!
  2. Reflecting sorts out good options from better options.  There are many good choices before us in any given circumstance.  The best options will align with our ultimate life goals.
  3. Reflecting puts you in control of your future.  If you know where you want to go AND you’re aware enough to look beyond the moment, you’ll create the future you want instead of being trapped by the decisions of others.
  4. Reflecting can reveal alternatives that you’ve not considered.  It’s very hard to see the beauty of the rose when you’re racing through the garden to get to that appointment.  Don’t drive past the exit racing to your destination (or chatting away with people in the car)!
  5. Reflecting allows room for counselors who can ask appropriate questions for added clarity.  Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge so leave room to access input from others with more years and wider experiences.

Carve out time to rest and reflect on the people and priorities that are valuable to you.  Set aside the Social Media (and yes you will survive) but include a book, journal or favorite beverage.


This one New Year’s habit will fuel your creativity and protect your sanity.