Will your busy life hasten your death?

Consider the impact of continuing to live the busy, hectic, drift causing lifestyle.  Chronic stress can trigger illness in you or your family.  Medicine, Healthcare And All Things RelatedAccording to “21st Century Medicine – A New Model for Medical Education and Practice,” stress and family fragmentation can lead to chronic diseases that can cause major problems:

It is critical that we understand how great a proportion of environment and lifestyle is influenced by conditions beyond the control of individual patients — not only the genetic vulnerability one is born with, but increases in environmental toxicity, the homogenization and denaturing of the food supply, the influence of sedentary technology on jobs, education, and entertainment, the powerlessness and despair of poverty, the debility produced by chronic stress, and the fragmentation of family and community life that leads to isolation and a lessened sense of purpose and meaning.   (pxii)


Now, however, in the 21st century, we are fully aware that complex, lifelong interactions between our genes and environmental degradation, unhealthy diets (fueled by changes in both eating habits and food supply), stress, sedentary lives, and social fragmentation of families and communities have surged to the forefront as interwoven causes of chronic disease that are not amenable to treatment with an acute-care model.  (p15) *


 * https://www.functionalmedicine.org/files/library/21st-century-medicine_001.pdf