Are YOU are an active trader?  Probably!the cylinder of a roulette gambling in a casino. winning or losi

Most professionals rely on competent financial experts to manage their money.  We do this because it enhances our sense of security as we grow our treasures month after month and year after year.  If you’ve ever traded in the market you know the stress, anxiety and despair of seeing a trade, option or opportunity shift direction.

The Reality: You ARE an active trader.

You trade time for money.  You trade people for time.  You exchange one value for another as you lead change, champion progress and keep up with the speed of business.

It’s not just you.  We ALL actively trade everyday.  We trade and set priorities that are counter intuitive.  Here are 5 expectations that underlie the trades we make:

  1. We expect that the business that drives us crazy will ultimately bring us satisfaction.  We trade dollars for meaning – as if a bank account can fulfill a need to be loved and respected.
  2. We expect that the family who loves us will stay strong without a consistent investment.  We trade commitments for applause – as if the hands that clap will be the hands that care.
  3. We expect financial success to be as meaningful as family success.  We trade intimate relationships with family for the respect of colleagues – as if a peer group will dry our tears.
  4. We expect sacrifices today to yield guaranteed results tomorrow.  We trade good things we have today for an unforeseen uncontrollable future – as if we can ever recover the hours that slip through our fingers.
  5. We expect our souls to thrive without food that nourishes the heart.  We trade our values, character and heart for empty images, day-dreams of money we could earn or entertaining people.

Don’t be a trader…  Be a builder.

Build the life you want.  Build the schedule that helps you win.  Build the marriage and family of your dreams.  Reflect on where are your life habits are taking you.  The habits you plant today will reward you tomorrow.  It’s one of life’s universal laws – we ALWAYS reap what we sow:  consequence and reward.

The bad news:  It’s a slow death.  Actively trading career success for family connections will slowly undermines your future.  It’s the termites in the walls, the rust in the car’s frame and the extra calories.  Over time, the house falls down, the car won’t pass inspection and the clothes won’t fit.

The good news:  There is hope.  You have an opportunity to re-connect with your family foundation.  You can repair and rebuild.  You have a chance to renew your vows, your commitments and your relationships.  You can see good plants growing in the soil of your family’s garden – plants that will grow strong and stand over time.  Rebuild the walls that protect the people you love.  Rebuild the fractured lives and the disappointments.  If you’re alive there is still time.

At Coaching Connectivity we want you to grow old and enjoy the gray years.  We believe in success but not at the expense of one’s family.  Be the best in your field.  Work hard and maximize your ability.  But connect yourself to the people who love you, the children who need you and the supports that will save you.

We believe a connected life is a better life.  Re-discover your family’s dreams for the future and let us help them become reality.