We would NEVER drag our family into danger.

We would NEVER put them in harm’s way.  I agree, in spite of how I’ve nearly killed my kidsfrom time to time.

Few of us run headlong into dangerous situations.  For most we drift there.  Our speedometer creeps upward, our debt slowly grows, our exercise routine begins to fade and our family calendars fill up with work related Broken marriageresponsibilities.

As life speeds up and career expectations grow, there is a delicate drift into danger.  Little by little, the family margin of safety disappears.  The pressure to see career success tends to moves us farther from spouse/kids and closer to the abyss (this may sound a little too dramatic).

Ok, so you might feel I’m overstating my case.  Let’s pause for a comparison…  If we compare career building to building projects at home, there can be unintended consequences that can endagner the people we want to protect.

Building projects around my house have resulted in multiple near death experiences.  I’m not sure my wife ever knew about all the times I nearly killed my children – they might not even know.  My household projects are dangerous.

How dangerous?  There was the concrete removal project.  I tore up a driveway and was moving the hunks of cement on a trailer on the back of a riding mower.  My son, 8 years old then, asked to ride.  Being the excellent father, I replied, “Sure, hop up on top!”.  As we came down the little hill (the 5th time) the cement shifted and the cart broke in two, pitching my son toward the back of the mower.  I nearly crushed the boy.

Then, there was the dog-run-wire windshield incident.  (a dog-run-wire is a cable that you attach from the house to a tree so you can let the dog out if you don’t want to go for a walk.)  Well, my son, 10 years old, was standing near the house where the dog was tied.  As I slowly moved backed up the car to do some other demolition work.  The dog-run-wire (once fastened between the far pine tree and the house) caught (unbeknownst to me) on the driver side mirror and launched a high-speed projectile (as it ripped off the tree).  It smashed my windshield and came to rest few precious feet from my son.

NEVER would I have put my son in danger.  I was just working, building something that my whole family would appreciate.   Similarly as I build my career, I am building something that my whole family will appreciate.

The challenge is that as LIFE causes us to drift from family to career success they begin to work against each other.  The small sacrifice here and the stress there.  Over time we delicately drift into danger.

Hence the vFather and sonalue of Coaching Connectivity.  We are the heros.  We need to stay connected.

We offer conversations that connect the success you crave and the family you love.

It is our objective to help busy family-oriented professionals see the success they want at the office and at home.