Your day is like clay – yet to be formed by YOU.

Two ways to approach life are highlighted by two different phrases:

  • Que Sera SeraWhat ever will be will be.  You go with the flow, see what comes and react to others.  On the surface this appears to be ideal but in the end you are at the mercy of everything around you.
  • Karpe DiemSeize the day!  You choose how the flow effects you, choose what you want and control your actions with others.  You are not a tree blown by the wind.  You can be the wind impacting your sphere of influence.

Being proactively positive empowers you to retain control of your future and plants seeds that will grow your relationships so you can see more success.  Proactive describes your ability to influence your world.  Positive describes something upbeat, hopeful, encouraging, meaningful, etc.  Start enjoying what you have and cultivate a thankful heart.

So, be Proactively Positive today – form that clay!  Influence your world by being upbeat about your day.  Your life and your future depend on it.