Let’s Get Connected!

My name is Dan.  It’s nice to meet you.

A connected life is a better life!

Grow your influence.

Better connections open better relationships which create better opportunities.   

What’s your weakest connection?  #GetBetterConnected

Why focus on ‘connection’?

Connections are the single most important element leading to personal  success.  People with better connections enjoy better relationships, make more money, feel more successful, and live longer, happier lives.

Lots of people talk about ‘drive’ or ‘self-discipline’ but who talks about relationship intelligence, leveraging your gifts (extrovert or introvert), and influencing your sphere of influence?

Connections in your personal sphere of influence – beginning with your family and your career – create an exponential impact.

When connections drift, families fall apart.  Stress at home takes it’s toll everywhere else.

I want to your family to go the distance.   Connections make the difference.


Discover your Motivational System

Build stronger connections by aligning what motivates YOU!

Connect with your Family

Better connections at home create a  happier everywhere else!

Connect with your Career

Grow your income; influence your team; unlock your potential.

Resolve Conflicts

See why stress, disagreements, and personal issues drag you down.

Connected-Life Coaching?

It’s a whole life strategy for strengthening connections so things work better at home and you can enjoy more career momentum at the office.   Connections protect what you love and value.  Every part of life is connected.  Live up to your full potential; our framework offers a path to do just that:  create a powerful legacy story.

Who benefits from  Coaching?

Coaching is for people who want to be better. They have a growth mindset; they feel like it’s possible and want to see a break through.   Our best clients are passionate about creating next-level career success while strengthening their legacy foundation — next-level connections, more memorable life stories, and a more manageable work-life balance.   What about you?

The next Steps?

Set up a no-cost conversation.

If it feels right, we build a collaborative agreement based on where you want to see stronger connections

Step #2 – Complete the Relational Awareness Assessment and walk through your individualized the results.

Start working on the 2 most important areas: Family and Career.

1. Connect with Your "Now" and your "Then"
Dive into the present; savor the “Now”. Describe the future; define the “Then” with stronger connections with family, career and self.  What do you want to become?   Build your unique connection circle; define what’s most important to you.
2. Complete the SDI Motivational Assessment
The Strength Deployment Inventory is a valuable tool drilling down to why you connect the way you do; how you do conflict, and strategies to grow collaboration and influence.
3. Engage the 8 Key Connection Areas
The 8 areas cover all the areas you need to feel Better Connected.  We suggest beginning with Family & Career; they are vital building blocks to forge your unique legacy impact.
4. ReVisit the Connection Circle to Celebrate Growth
Let’s celebrate the success you’re enjoying!  Engage your stake holders to hear the affirmations of what they’ve noticed as you’ve strengthened your connections.
5. Dive Deeper to sustain your Legacy Story
Stay focused; move deeper; describe in greater detail the Legacy Stories you want retold.  Continue to create sustainable, collaborative connections.

Select 1-2 areas to drill deeper; continue to transform your relationships with your spouse, kids, company, coworkers.  Build the future you want. Connection is key.

Coaching Packages

 1 Month Coaching Package

4 Coaching Sessions focused on one Connection area; the Relational Awareness (RA) Assessment and personalized 90 minute debrief.


 3 Month Coaching Package

8 Coaching Sessions around your Key Connection areas using insights from the Relational Awareness Assessment and 90 minute debrief.


6 month Coaching Package

18 Coaching Sessions to transform your connections and integrate the insights from the RA Assessment and your unique connection priorities.


About Me

I’m a curious learner, looking to the future but enjoying the present.  A pastor, husband, father and coffee roaster, I enjoy my dogs, friends, and free-time.  Life, though mysterious, includes plenty of opportunities to explore.

I’ve been informally coaching for several years and since 2016 worked to focus on the importance of our life’s connections.  The better I connect with my spouse, kids, career and health — the better things go.  The more distractions cause me to drift sideways, away from what makes me successful — the more difficult things become.

I want clients to become friends who are living their best lives at home and work.  I’m here to help you define, create and step into the connected future that will write an eternal legacy.


“My life is better because of the time I invested to improve my connections with my wife and kids.”   – Jeff P.

“The Assessment really helped me see why I connect the way I do.  I addressed some blind spots and made some adjustments to how I related to my team.  It feels like maybe a promotion is in my future.”   – Micah F.

“I got better-connected with my finances and it sure took a weight off my shoulders!  Our bank accounts are in much better shape.  We are getting out of debt and even got our important documents in order.  Thanks Dan for the encouragement!”  – Isaac P.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Creating Better Connections Today!