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We encourage leaders to move forward toward their goals with career and family.  If you’re ready to deepen your impact and reach into your future, reach out to me by phone @ 919-606-3285 or email at CoachDan@CoachingConnectivity.com.

 We love working with people who want to grow their leadership capacity and expand their influence.

Our client focused conversations always focus on topics that bring new understandings and client controlled priorities that empower you to make sustainable progress so you can please your boss, advance your team and conquer your world.

You’re going somewhere.  When you get there, will it be where you wanted to be?

The right connections can positively impact your future!

What do you want to see happening?

Coaching Connectivity:  Connecting you with your best life – at home, work and play.  Find out more today!  

Gain Focus; See Progress

The speed of life these days pulls you in multiple directions.  Work expectations are higher, family obligations feel stronger, personal aspirations get lost in the shuffle.  It can feel like we’re losing what we most want – a sense of meaning and success at home, work and play.  There’s a gap between the life/career you want and the life you have.  What’s going on there?

3 significant threats to your personal success

1. Distractions that dilute your focus from what you really want out of life.  You want to be here but you’re pulled there.  You want to be happier but you can’t find the key to unlock the door.  You want to succeed at your career but not at the expense of family.  What do you really want? 

2.  Discord quietly (or not) derails your pursuit. Conflict takes all the energy you might have for the future and rewards you with fatigue and frustration.  Your boss’s expectations smother you.  You know you have capacity but can’t unlock it.  What is the key to feeling fulfilled?

3. Disappointments in the past that cloud the future.  You’ve had challenging encounters that have created some pretty negative stories in your life.  These thought patterns keep you from dreaming, moving and building the life you want at home and work.   What keeps you from your dream?

As a leader, you know you have capacity to win more, to close more deals, to motivate your team.  I want to empower you to break through the fog and achieve what you want at home, work and for yourself.

Where’s your gap?

Confidential Conversations

Coaching Connectivity offers personal discovery conversations that position you and your organization for greater success.  We work with professionals who have a passion for connecting what they do with the life they want.

We take the time to help you create momentum that will help you build confidence, deal with conflict, engage your leadership-self and build lasting happiness at home.  All work and no play is no way to enjoy life.

Coaching Connectivity – Connecting YOU with YOUR best life – at home, work and play!  Reach out to me for a complementary consultation today!

Accelerate Success

Coaching Connectivity brings together what matters most to you to empower YOU to elevate performance and accelerate your success at work so you can enjoy your time at home.

Is your influence any different this year than last year?

Feel like you’re working hard & getting nowhere?

How busy and distracted are you these days?

Ever wonder where God is in the struggle?

Leadership Coaching Opportunities

Discover how to move into that level of success you want in your career while you keep things working at home.

Leadership coaching is about becoming the best leader you can be for your team and yourself.

Reach more goals, close more cases, control your future and see how much better life can be.  In leadership coaching you control the agenda, we control the process.


Mastermind Group Opportunity

Mastermind Groups provide accountability, encouragement, focus and teamwork.  Building a business requires a ton of effort.  Don’t go it alone.  Get support.  Get into a Mastermind group and see the difference it makes.  It’s affordable.  It’s practical.

Mastermind Groups help you dive deeper, focusing on activities or roadblocks to move your business forward, what you need to do to take advantage of all the referrals your getting!

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Coach Dan

Coach Dan

Lead Coach

Hi!  Nice to meet you!  I’ve been coaching for years as a Pastor and business influencer.  I’m passionate about encouraging others reach their potential, earn their best income and live an influential life.

What do you wish was going better for you?

Working with Family-Minded Professionals

We support family-minded leaders who value professional development, passionately pursue success and deeply care about what happens at home.

You have high expectations.  Your team needs your full attention.  You know you can do more if only you could ____________________.   What’s in that blank space?   Gain more positive outcomes in your sphere of influence through personal awareness and connection.

We provide personal development conversations and relational engagement that promotes growth, discovery and fulfillment so you can flourish as you develop your leadership influence, enhances your organizational culture and add value to the people who matter the most at home.

Our best clients want to bless their families, build their businesses and transform the sphere of influence where God’s placed them.. They believe that their faith is an important part of finding fulfillment and balance.  Success as a journey more than an end point.

I would love to partner with you as you connect with what matters most to you in the realm of family, career and self.



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